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Mom, why are you crying?

After having the kids pull out an outfit for school that was red, white, and blue, I decided it was time to sit down with Xavier and talk about 9/11.   At eight-years-old, we realize he is starting to be able to comprehend big things and if we don't discuss it with him, he'll hear it from someone else.  While we'd rather he not see the news footage of the planes yet,  we want him to know about the history of the day.

I was surprised that he understood what hijackers and terrorists were, thanks to a military video game. I began by talking about the planes that hit the Pentagon and the field in Pennsylvania.  For me it felt easier because I didn't see those happen live on tv. We talked about heroes and how the Flight 93 passengers saved lives.  Then on to New York and the Twin Towers.

I explained what I was doing that morning. Getting ready for college with the Today Show on in the background.  My college roommate coming upstairs and pulling me to the TV and while we we…

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