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Happy Birthday Two You

Happy, happy birthday baby love!
This past year you've grown and changed so much.
You are the youngest and our last baby, so you'll have to forgive me when I treat you as such.  One night as we cuddled while you dozed off, I whispered in your ear, "I already miss you, my baby" as tears leaked out. I love watching you plow through the world and do your own thing, but I miss that sweet, quiet, little snuggly bug who slept the first year of her life on my chest every night. I love that right when you are almost to fall asleep, you reach over and wrap your whole arm around my neck and give me a big squeeze.
This year you've grown from a baby into a toddler on her way to being one of the big kids. You are fearless. You love the water, whether it is the bathtub, swimming pool, or the ocean. During our trip to Oceanside we had to watch you like a hawk to make sure you didn't decide to try to be Moana.

This year you learned to walk and talk. You still do a great job …

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