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Seven isn't heaven for Mama

Dear Seven,
Even though I love your boy more than words, I'm not liking you very much. You've only been around for a few weeks and each day you are taking more and more of my baby and replacing him with someone new. 
Someone who passed his deep end swim test and decided he can suddenly do flips off the diving board. 
Someone who lost two teeth in a one week span, pulling them out himself, who is now $2 richer, and has one adult tooth poking through.😭  (The only reason you didn't see me crying was the sunglasses plus trying to distract you from seeing the blood...)

Someone whose closet was cleaned out and is too tall for almost every one of the 20 pairs of pants that lived there. 
Someone who very much grumps and grumbles like a teenager and would prefer to sleep until the wee hours of noon... or watch Netflix and technology rather than participate... Someone who would much rather be with anyone else but his parents (oh wait, that isn't new... 😉)
Seven... while I kno…

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