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Looking Back at 30

As I look forward to the next decade of my life, it feels necessary to look back on the last one.

I dreaded turning 30 and I distinctly remember how terrible it seemed. I wasn't where I wanted to be. Thirty felt like real adulthood and no matter how hard I tried, the goals and dreams I had for that period of my life weren't coming to fruition.  While Brandon and I had been married for three years, we didn't own a house and weren't parents yet. I always thought when you got to a certain age, you magically understood more about life and had it all together. That somehow you woke up one day and the wisdom of adulthood was bestowed upon you. I didn't feel like I knew enough about myself or life to be considered an adult.

A few weeks after turning 30, I fell in our kitchen and broke my 5th metatarsal on my right foot (a Jones fracture). It took 12 weeks to heal. I had a knee cart, and a walking boot I wasn't allowed to walk in, and I wasn't able to drive.  T…

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