You are the possibility we hadn't ever dreamed big enough to imagine.

You are the piece we didn't know that we were missing.

We couldn't take our eyes off of you, thinking that the reason we were fixing your image in our brains was to see what our future daughter might look like.

The moment I knew I fell in love with you was when you looked at B. I saw you SEE him, us... You told us in that look what it took us days of prayer to decide and discover in our own minds... You are ours. As much as she picked us, you picked us.  We had assumed that day we met you was supposed to be all about S, not realizing that that moment was all about you and us.

I never truly thought it would ever be more than the four of us, but you make five.  And as the three of us waited for four... really we were waiting for five. We knew it and most of all, X knew it. 

You reminded us what faith is really all about. You reminded us to listen for the answer to long ago spoken prayers. And that those answers are often bigger in scope than we had ever thought possible.

You reminded us that although we have big dreams, God has bigger. His miracles and His love are larger than we can fathom. His ways are beyond what we could have seen or mapped out.  As much as you need us, we need you.

As we thought about just the possibility of agreeing to you, windows opened, rooms were lit up, past road blocks were illuminated, and we saw how our path really had been making it's way to you.  That bits and pieces we hadn't ever thought to question were about saving a spot for the possibility of you. That the possibility and seeds of you had been there all along.

**I wrote this in December.... I couldn't bring myself to post until we knew...**


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