The power of that girl

Every morning two sleepy-eyed, crazy-haired, pajama-footed beauties stumble out of bed, sometimes more grumpily than others, but the second they are awake enough to remember, their eyes light up and they make a beeline for my room. "Baby Skye." "Can I see if she's awake?" "I hear her. Can I cuddle?" "Is she up?" "I see Skye."
And as I'm finishing my morning routine, I hear: "There she is." "hi baby." "I want to play with her." "She won't let me touch Skye." "She's mine."  "Skye is pulling my hair."

We have had many conversations revolving around that fact that while we all love and want to be around that sweet nugget, Skye is a human being not a toy or plaything.  She needs her space respected and she doesn't belong to them [because she is mine... hehehe. ;) ]  There is no reason for them to fight over who holds her hands in the car, because she does have two of them and is seated right between her siblings, and no one needs to be taking her binkie away or shoving it in her mouth. She is more than capable of knowing when she wants it and how to get it.
There is nothing better than walking into a room, especially after a long day at work, to see my X cuddled up on the floor next to his baby beautiful, talking sweetly, making her giggle, and gazing lovingly into her eyes, taking in every second of her.

Earlier this week I was reading a  picture book author [Kate Beaton] interview where she revealed the inspiration of her book being the magical powers of a baby. When they come into a room, everyone (child, adult, woman, man) notices, is mesmerized and wants to hold them, smell them, whisper sweet words to them. The attention is on the baby, yet baby has no idea and no real care other than when they need to be fed or changed.  Just their presence is enough to shift the dynamic of the whole room.
When I need a minute to re-energize or center and get back to myself, all I want to do is hold my girl. I don't feel like I get a good night's rest if she isn't cuddled up next to me.  All it takes is one look at that sweet face and one second of those bright eyes and I'm fixed.   
  My little mini owns my heart.  There is much power in her tiny little being.


  1. Love this! I always say that nothing brings more joy into a room than a baby. As I see LittleMissH run to babies and coo and pet them it breaks my heart a bit to know she won't be having a baby sibling like all my other kids. Thankfully I have a few friends that are more than happy to share ;)

  2. I'm trying not to think about the fact that Skye is our last baby. I'm also fairly certain that if we had been able to have our own pregnancies, I would have wanted to have more than the two we originally thought about. Not sure where they would sleep or how we would afford them... I just love babies.


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