A tale of two blog posts

Tuesday afternoon, happy and hopeful, I wrote.  And I'm glad I did so I could capture a feeling.
Today was one of those days I will never forget... like a similar groundbreaking day eight years ago... that November Tuesday we went to a concert to tune out and patiently wait for history to happen. 

Today I woke up my kids knowing that today would be the day their world, our world, changed. Hoping that tomorrow they'd wake up to a world where they would know that they could do and be anything. Where we could be proud that they had always lived in a world where you aren't limited by the color of your skin or your gender.. that they have always lived in a world where our great nation was led by anyone. Where "old white guy" wasn't the prerequisite for the job.  A world where the bully and his mean words doesn't win, because kindness and love does. A world where their contribution and their voice makes a difference. 

Today I walked into a polling place, busier than I have ever seen or imagined, and even though I didn't expect it, I got emotional. Today I did something I wasn't sure I would ever do.  

I remember girls in my school years saying they would be the first woman president. (never me. I don't want that kind of responsibility.)  But today... oh today.  Now my girls, actually all my kids, can dream of being THE president, if they choose.... no limits.

Tuesday night, in the heat of crazy election night coverage, I sadly wrote one more...

The post I was hoping I didn't have to write...  and I type while trying not to vomit... wondering if Armageddon is around the corner. 

How do we teach our children that bullying, name calling, and outright hatred are wrong when there doesn't appear to be consequences for bad behavior? When you can say anything and everything you want to get attention and television time? When the possible future President is someone who is seemingly praised for his lack of couth, disrespect for anyone, and utter disregard of common decency.  

We try not to talk politics at home, and especially not in front of the kids, but when a kiddo who listens and hears things says "we don't like Trump because he is mean", we have a conversation, many conversations about how we treat others.

Little eyes and ears see and hear what adults do and say.  Our future generations learn from today that you can do and say whatever it takes to get what you want.  And it makes me sad...

Jenny Lawson, aka The Bloggess, said what I can't and she's right. Regardless, somehow, it will be okay.


  1. Well said: I share your thoughts and wonder how America will move forward from this point.

    1. Thanks Nancy. I was raised to respect a leader, regardless of whether you agree with them. This creates many teachable moments, starting with this morning's short explanation of here is how our system works... and be respectful but know those words and actions of a bully are not to be emulated.


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