Can you see me now?

It's not surprising that I was the nerdy kid who wanted glasses from a young age. A part of me was disappointed every eye exam to have perfect vision.  I was beyond giddy at close to 30 when my doctor discovered my astigmatism and the need for eyewear. Since then I've gone from waiting the two years to get frames when the insurance will pay some to getting new ones every year to try something new.

X had his first real eye exam right before Kindergarten. At that point we were told he was farsighted, but so are lots of kids and not to worry.  As he has learned to read as well as his technology time has increased both at school and home, I've noticed some squinting. He also is a normal 6 year old who would rather do anything besides sit and do homework. 

During this year's exam, the doctor said it was a 50/50 decision whether or not he should wear reading glasses.  If his performance in school was poor (which is NOT the case), it would be a definite yes.  However X seemed excited to have glasses and I believe there might be less reluctance to reading and homework... and possibly more going on than is being told.  While we don't know his full genetic eye history, we do know his biological sibling had glasses around this age.  

We are also building responsibility. He has to learn how to care for them, where and how to put them away, remember to bring them to and from school as well as put them on when he reads or does school work. 

While our insurance benefits are great, they only pay for frames every two years.  If someone loses them, he has to help pay to replace them.

And really, is there anything cuter than a kid in glasses?

Post-script: We have had the glasses for almost two months and so far they have gone back and forth to school every day.  While he hasn't used them at home for reading, he assures me he does use them at school.  So far so good!


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