Send me flowers

I love flowers.  

Lilacs blooming in May remind me of the fleeting wonder of spring. Bird of Paradise, Plumeria, and Hibiscus make me long for my Hawaiian home.  Marigolds remind me of my grandfather.

I love to receive flowers but my sweet husband knows I don't like them for typical flower holidays. 

I like "surprise" flowers. "I thought of you today" flowers.  He often sends flowers to mark the day we met or in February on the day he knows I need an extra dose of loving kindness.

This year Brandon (and X) surprised me with flowers for our anniversary and they are perfect. B picked the ones I love. Stargazer lilies and red roses. Our wedding flowers. 

He bought me flowers because X suggested it as the perfect gift. X got to ride along to the flower shop to pick them up and was the most handsome and proud delivery boy. They are the best surprise flowers I've received so far.

My work area (and now our house) smells so beautiful and sweet.  When I walked in from work, A and Skye both ran over to admire the flowers and inhale their goodness. Through her big smile and starry eyes, A asked if Daddy gave them to me.  And then they watched us get dressed up and head out to dinner and a movie, while they played, ate pizza, and had a dance party at home with one of their favorite sitter friends.

I have been blessed to spend eleven years with a good man. A man who loves and respects me. A man who is a great father that leads by example, teaching our children how to be good people and loving partners to their future spouses. A man who knows just the perfect time to spend me flowers.


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