Book Review: Inconceivable by Carolyn & Sean Savage

I read Misconception last year and hoped that the Savages would write a book about their side of the story. While Misconception helped me to be able to see the Morrells angle, in this real-life story I have always leaned more to the Savage side.

The two moms in me could relate to the Savages. The birth mom side of me easily sees and understands that what they did for Logan and the Morrells was an amazing beautiful gift, yet all the while breaking your heart into pieces wishing you could parent that loved life inside you. The adoptive mom (and one part of an infertile couple) has a broken heart right along with them, knowing what it feels like to yearn for the children you want and are capable of caring for and having failed result after failed result.

I would recommend both of these books to those struggling with infertility as well as to those in the adoption process. Both couples opened my eyes to a different side of IVF, as they view it as a use of God given science and technology rather than taking the creation of life out of God's hand.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

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