I see it now

Perspective is amazing and humbling.  Deep in the midst of infertility struggles, it was hard to imagine why OR if we could ever look back (or even move forward) and see the bright side of such pain.

And while infertility is something we will never 'get over', when I look at our children's faces and experience our journeys to them and with them, I get it.  I see why that bumpy, desperate, excruciatingly heartbreaking and painful journey had to happen.  He was working... on us... on putting the right pieces where they needed to fall in order to pave that broken road.

I still can't believe I get to experience the gift of these babies and finally, after waiting my whole life for them, I am blessed with the opportunity to be their mom.   And it still amazes and humbles me when someone says our babies are lucky to have B & me.  The way I see it, we are the lucky ones.


  1. beautiful! and touching, as always!!! You are all so blessed to have each other

  2. So amazing what the future holds and how we can gain new perspective when we look at the past. Beautiful family :)


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