Our Sweet Summer Surprise is 6

Today our sweet baby boy is 6.

How in the world has it been six years since the out-of-the-blue phone call announcing our sweet summer surprise?  I remember that day, that moment, so vividly. It really feels like yesterday.

My dear, sweet, lovey boy. My brown-eyed beauty. My soulmate. You are the sweetest, most kind and soft-hearted young man.  You are going to change the world. You already have. You've changed me and made me a better person. 

You are the best parts of Daddy and me.  You remind me constantly that God knew we were meant to be.  He picked us all to be this big team.  I hope you know now and forever how much we wanted you, how much we need you, and how much we love you. 

This year has been a great one for you, in terms of your growth, both physically and mentally, as well as your biggest and best role as big brother. As you love to remind us, you always knew it would be of two sisters.

Because you have always been able to listen, comprehend, and be content with occupying yourself, some days I forget you are only 6.  You understand far more about life, love, adoption, and God then I would have thought possible.

My favorite part of the day used to be cuddling up next to you at bedtime, for minutes or hours before you fell asleep, talking and learning more about you.  Now it is first thing in the morning. Watching you pop out of bed and head straight to Skye, holding her tiny hand, looking deep into her eyes, and whispering sweet words of love into her ear. Deciding her new nickname should be "baby beautiful".

Our lives were beautiful and fabulous with just you, but we all knew there was someone (two someones) missing to complete our family. We know it won't always be easy but we hope you always remember how much your sisters mean to you and your life. Daddy and I each had siblings and we are so glad you finally get to experience that gift.

I am so proud of the young man you are becoming.  Understanding that your sisters need our time and yours, that helping might not be fun but helps our family succeed.  Working hard at school to achieve the skills you need.

You love to hear your adoption story, especially the part where we waited and waited and waited and waited... and then you came.  You were so worth all of that wait.

You ARE the best thing that ever happened to me. I love you always and forever, no matter what.

Happy birthday my sweet love.

xoxo, Mama

A few of your favorite things: technology (Angry Birds Go, Lego Jurassic World; Minecraft); Netflix; Your bro, Jaden, Nani, Grandma and both of the D's; weekly sleepover nights with Daddy and the less frequent sleepovers with me; your sisters; cherry pop-tarts; Bliss frozen mango yogurt; swimming; Books: Elephant and Piggie, Notebook of Doom, Captain Underpants; YOUR iPod playlist.

Pictures of birthdays past:


  1. Awesome post honey. He is the best thing that happened to our family.


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