Happy birthday Baby Beautiful

Hi mamaz... my dear sweet lovey... Our beautiful dolly-wolly... I can't believe you are one.
You, my love, have earned your middle name. You are full of grace. You are the calm in our chaotic, sometimes stormy, teacup. You are the shining sun that chases away the rain clouds. You are the peace that warms our hearts. Your smile is contagious and your love radiates.
You are my calm and my peace. I just want stare at you all day and snuggle you endlessly.
I didn't realize that I could love another as much as I love your brother until I met you. All three of you are my soulmates.
I love when you scrunch up your nose and smile so big to show off all your now-eight! beautiful teeth.
I love when you sneak to the stairs, climb up as fast as you can, and then (even though I'm afraid you'll fall) you turn around and wave, wondering and hoping I'll follow and chase after you.

In the last few weeks you have joined the "I'm so excited Mama is home" club, and I love that you squeal, screech, and crawl as fast as you can my way so that daddy can't hold you back and then you get to me before the other two. You know that you have us all wrapped around your round, little fingers.
You are just like your brother. You contemplate, watch, and figure out how to do something before you even try and then you amaze us all with how smart you are.  You watch what both X and A do and then try it out yourself to see if you can get away with it.
You say "hi, mama, daddy, bubba, sissa, gamma, papa, yeah, milk, shawna, bella-bella, love you, more, finished".
You love to dance and clap your hands. You sign "more, finished, thank you, milk" although I think you mean more when you sign milk. You love to eat and the only thing you don't seem to like is acorn squash! You eat better (and probably more) than both of your siblings.
You love cuddling, giving hugs and blowing kisses. You even kiss the phone when we video chat people. Each day your personality grows and shines. Xavier loves your laughter.
I have no idea where life will take you, but I know that you've already done so much. Your life saved your sister's. You were sent to us to shine the light and clear the way for her.  And yet, looking back, she did the same for you too.

Skyler Grace, we love your face.

A year in pictures:

Day one


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