Happy birthday Lovey Lou!

You are three, my honey-honey! (God bless us all 😜 )

The last eight months with you have changed me, deep to my core. You have shown me how to be brave, strong, fierce, and blaze your own path. You have taught me what forgiveness looks like. You remind us every day what faith ("fayf") really means and why it is the perfect name for you.
You soak up and enjoy all life has to offer. You love and trust without barriers. You are independent and don't let anything or anyone stand in your way.

You love "spin-ny" dresses and twirl, dance, hop, jump, and sing to the rhythm of your own music.

Some days you like having your hair done and other days you want it left alone. But you love "braiding" and playing with Mama and Grandma's hair.  Anytime you see something from the movie Frozen, you say that you are Anna and Grandma is Elsa.
 You love baby dolls and are an amazingly sweet, caring, and loving soul. I love that when we snuggle, your first thought is to find me a blanket and cover me up.  You have a beautiful heart and I look forward to seeing the girl and woman you grow up to be.

Xavier says his favorite thing about you is how funny you are. You have a contagious laugh.

One of my favorite times of the day is coming home from work and hearing "hi mommy" and knowing it is taking everything in you not to run and tackle me in a hug at the door. 

I love you too and I promise forever-ever that you are always mine


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