Guess whose no longer in First?!?

I'm sure I just wrote a post three weeks ago about the end of Kindergarten and then the start of first grade, but here we are again saying goodbye to another school year and to our beloved Primary Pod.
This school year found Xavier once more growing taller and more secure in himself.

He chose reading glasses and has been proving he is responsible enough to wear them and not forget them.
He likes to help pack his own lunch and will try different options for hot lunch.
X started the school year with brown hair, which then got dyed blue, faded to green, and he has now chosen to let the bleached blonde be his color. Two days before school ended, he decided to buzz off the long locks and try a shorter do.

He moved to his own room on a separate floor of the house from the rest of us.
Last fall he played flag football and bowled, earning a trophy for most improved.
A month ago we celebrated the best day ever of first grade.
His interests include Pokémon, playing Madden, beating everyone at the card game Trash, reading, and he loves the Seattle Seahawks and Golden State Warriors/ Steph Curry.
He wanted Santa to bring him an endless bowl of tomato soup!
Favorite Song: Rolex...  Much more likely to sing in public and memorizes lyrics.

Sayings: breh, yo, boyee

Signature move: dab (also dib, and double dab)...
Sense of humor & sarcasm: loves jokes and tongue twisters.

I can't believe how big this kid is and while I'd love time to stand still, I'm loving getting to know him more and more.  Happy summer boy!


  1. Such a cutie pie and what an eventful year for you all! Keep on enjoying him, each age has its pros and cons ;)


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