Celebrating our way

This week we celebrated a milestone. We met 10 years ago.

Yes, every year we celebrate the day we met. It is special and important to us. One of those little moments that changed everything.

This week my sweet husband sent me flowers on that day, as well as we both posted our favorite couple pics on social media. Most found it sweet; some were confused. I was touched, especially since he knows I love flowers but not on typical flower occasions.  I love them as surprises.

So what is so important about the day we met, versus our first date or some other special relationship day?

It is the day I finally said yes to a friend who had been trying to introduce me to this guy she knew. The day I let YES, my best yes, guide me.  The day I decided to open my mind and my heart.  The day my outlook, my life, my everything, changed forever. The day I got the answer to all the prayers I'd been saying my whole life.

There wasn't lightning, visible sparks, or a ray of light from Heaven pointing his way. But there was something. A connection. And it hasn't ever left.

He asked for my number and I gave it to him. The next day he used it, following through on his promise to call me.  He looked past my shyness and the wall I had up and saw me.

It was the night we both took a chance. He had fairly fresh invisible scars from a disastrous long relationship that includes a wedding and legal troubles. While I had never really had an official long term relationship, I had my own share of heart secrets and life-changing experiences.

Our first date was supposed to be a week later but in our true fashion, we couldn't wait.  We met up a few days early for lunch. I made smart comments and teased him; he bumped the curb at the restaurant. On date night he showed up on my doorstep with peach roses.

He officially moved in 3 1/2 weeks later. We were engaged by the end of February and married six months, to the day, after we met.

I'm sure there were friends and family who thought we were crazy or rushing it.  But when you know, you know.

Babe, You are the best thing that ever happened to me. Thank you for seeing past my shyness, asking for my number, and following through. Thank you for always holding my hand and never letting go when the path isn't clear. I love you more, forever and always.


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